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Top Resume Course Choices

Top Resume Course Choices It is possible to receive a job, buy a vehicle and own a home just by starting your job hund with a terrific cover letter and resume. Whenever you dont have a great deal of work experience, you will need something to fall back on. Ask yourself these questions to help you determine when and how to utilize your course experience to your very best advantage. Although employers value previous work experience much, it isnt the one thing theyll be studying on your resume. For placement on your resume, consider where youre in your career and that which you need to emphasize. Education is among a couple of crucial sections employers search for on resumes. Theres a class section. In the event the appropriate coursework section is going to be the key characteristic of your experience, think about placing it at the top or main portion of your resume, where an expert experience section would usually go. There is frequently a whole lot of debate about what s hould and shouldnt be included in an individuals resume. Then at the close of the period theres absolutely no question about whos accountable for what. Make koranvers you are always being honest with the experience you have, in a bid to be certain that when you are determined to be a feasible candidate for the position, that you arent going to be disqualified at a subsequent date when they discover that you have embellish some of your information. The absolute most important point to keep in mind while you document your education is honesty. Youll have to set the expected date of completion. There are not any plans to reintroduce these programs. Knowing the requirements and appropriate planning is extremely crucial for drawing the proper estimates. To come back to the unit you completed most recently in a particular edX program, you have the subsequent options. If you dont have plenty of work experience to demonstrate your abilities and capabilities at work, it can be impor tant to list any appropriate college coursework, even when you didnt graduate with a degree. Do not write what you would like in work. Again, it generally depends upon the job. For instance, if youre asking for a job for a teachers assistant, describe your volunteer tutor experience. The first one is going to arrive the moment you sign up. Its also wise to be ready to speak about your college courses in your interview, once the time comes. At the close of the day, its what you could do that counts most, not the range of classes which you put on a resume. Finding the Best Resume Course Alas, many job seekers become overwhelmed before they even begin. Applicants often struggle to convey what they are able to actuallydofor a firm. Resumes arent one of peoples beloved subjects, and I was not exactly excited about the class with good expectations. Utilizing resume templates permit you to be certain that you are appropriately laying out each one of the accomplishments which y ouve done, and also permit you to make sure that you have the ability to place your thoughts together in a way that will cause you to get attractive for a vast range of unique work in the industry in which youre applying for.

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The Hidden Gem of Targeted Resume

The Hidden Gem of Targeted Resume Targeted Resume Help When you understand all of the job requirements you have to tailor your resume to the ort you need to get. Job hunting should always be achieved in an intelligent way. A true job description can be rather helpful. The Job Toolbox Job Search methodology is the secret to your continuing success. If you think that youre fit for over 1 job there, you must create a targeted resume for each job. There are lots of job candidates that are qualified but yet theyre rejected Applying with the task targeted resume for each job is an excellent practice rather than sending same resume for every single job. Top Choices of Targeted Resume Be specific about your target statement by directly mentioning the particular position you desire. The Objective Statement is a critical portion of the professional resume. Make certain you have an objective on top thats clear, concise, and creative. The resume objective is a superb place to show w hat you may be in a position to do for the business regarding improving the organization and the fruchtwein important thing. What Targeted Resume Is - and What it Is Not If you are now out of work, or are considering leaving your work then theres a possibility that youve written a minumum of one cover letter in your lifetime. For making positive influence on the recruiter, its important to get a unique resume portraying your job certain information. Another great way regarding how you could tailor your resume for a particular job posting to compose a resume in line with the requirements for a certain job ad. So get going on your targeted cover letter to maximize your odds of snagging the job you want. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Targeted Resume Make certain that you have an objective on top thats clear, concise, and creative Dont be scared to reveal confidence about personal successes. Youre changing careers. There are only some of the means by which you may ha ve a resume that is guaranteed for success. Continue reading for some extra insight on the advantages of a targeted executive resume. You only have to understand how to produce effective use of resume templates. Contemplating that her target necessary creativity, communication, and a lot of people contact, her background was great With the assistance of professionally designed resume templates you may conserve lot of work and time on procedure. The best thing about resume templates is they have many resume samples that youre able to utilize. The percentage of individuals who actually land work by applying on the internet is miniscule. To begin with, you should know I dont suggest applying for jobs online. It is crucial to plan your CV before you begin writing it. Writing a resume might not be the absolute most exciting thing youve ever been challenged to do, but nevertheless, it might be one of the absolute most important. Targeting your resumes requires somewhat more e ffort but offers a whole lot in return. That means you wont need to be worried about the format whilst making job specific resume. The targeted resume is written to highlight the abilities and experiences related to a specific position. By listing your targets and any transferable skills youre able to show recruiters which you are motivated to continue your professional practice. Underneath each heading, youre list job duties from previous jobs that demonstrate your capability to perform said skill. Highlights the experience and skills you have that relate to the job that you are applying for.

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Oya Demirbilek - Associate Dean (Education) at UNSW Built Environment

Oya Demirbilek - Associate Dean (Education) at UNSW Built Environment Oya Demirbilek Associate Dean (Education) at UNSW Built EnvironmentPosted September 29, 2017, by Jenny Sakr Oya is an industrial entwurfer and an associate professor at UNSW Built Environment wzu siche she teaches, researches and has a substantial leadership role in shaping the strategic direction of education in the Built Environment. Through teaching, Oya helps industrial design students build their confidence and figure out their design research directions to complete their graduation projects. Shes involved in a number of research projects in the areas of old age, bathroom design for the future, design and emotions, as well as design education wherbeie she aims to improve peoples lives as much as possible. As an Associate Dean Oya focuses on enhancing the experience of both the staff and students in her faculty. What organisation are you currently working for? I am working at the University of New South Wales , Faculty of Built Environment, and I have been working here since 2000. What is your current job title and how long have you had this role? I am Associate Professor in Industrial plan since 2008 and for the pastfive years, Ive also been the Associate Dean of Education for the Faculty of Built Environment. How long have you been in education? I first started with a research assistant role back in 1991, and have been in academia, in various roles since. This means that I have been in education for 26 years What did you study and what are the steps you have this role? I studied Industrial Design in my Bachelor Degree (at METU, Ankara, 1989) and did a Masters by Research in Building Sciences (at METU, Ankara, 1994), then completed my PhD studies in Industrial Design (at Marmara University, Istanbul, 2001) and Interior Architecture (at Bilkent University, Ankara, 2000). In 2002, I completed a Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching (GCULT) at UNSW. My past experience that has been important in my current role has included my experience in academia and in learning and my former role as Discipline Director for Industrial Design (both at undergraduate and postgraduate level). What did you want to be when you were younger? When I was 6 or 7, I wanted to be a veterinarian, as I loved animals. Then again, I was always drawing, painting, and making objects with anything I could find. I started my studies in Biology in Strasbourg, in 1984 and then switched to Industrial Design after listening to the recommendation of one of my uncles who knew that this would make me happier. He was right. Studying Industrial Design was the best thing I ever did What was your first job? While still doing my undergraduate studies, I was lucky to work freelance for a ceramic manufacturer in Switzerland, Swissline Hardegger Handels Ceramic Products, in Bern and had a few of my pot and candle holder designs manufactured and sold in Europe. Then after graduating from the Bac helor of Industrial Design in 1989, I secured a teaching role for the summer session at the prestigious Art Center College of Design (Europe), in Product Design, La Tour-de-Peilz. My first full-time role was as Research Assistant at METU, in 1991. When did you first know you wanted to be in education and what inspired you? I guess this was when I first had the opportunity to teach at Art Center College of Design (Europe). It was an amazing experience to landsee young minds develop (all differently), and be part of their journey to professional life. It felt mora like a mentoring process really and intrigued me. Consequently, I went into academia and teaching. Explain a typical day at work Today, as my role has a large strategic leadership and service component, besides my normal teaching and research work, a typical day would consist of two or three meetings with various stakeholders, from students to members of Senior Management at faculty and university levels one PhD student supe rvision, or progress review and a couple of hours responding to my e-mails and addressing issues, and working with my team on operational matters. Whats the most interesting thing thats happened to you in your career? The most interesting thing that happened to me in my career has been to meet wonderful people that trusted me. For example, the then Chairman of Product Design at Art Center College of Designs European campus in Switzerland, Wolfgang Joensson, who gave me a teaching role although I was only a fresh graduate then, Tony Hardegger, owner of Swissline Hardegger Handels, who gave me the freelance ceramic design jobs (and also paid a few times for my airfares to Switzerland for it) and the amazing ceramic artist Lucy (the family name escapes me) who employed me to design the slip casting moulds for one of her long-necked vase designs for mass manufacture, and also gave me the keys to her Paris studio for me to stay a week. All of these people have a special place in my life, as they played a role in shaping my career. anthroponym the best and worst parts of your job The best parts Having an impact on the strategic direction of education in the Faculty of Built Environment Helping staff improve their teaching Teaching and working with younger minds (students) Help improve the students overall experience Being involved in research and constantly keeping abreast of current developments in my fields The worst parts Email fatigue some days I will receive 300 or so emails most expecting a prompt response. Feeling behind and spending full days just going through emails are not the highlights of the role for sure. Whats the most important career tip someone has given you? This was in relation to the academic promotion process to make me understand whether I was ready or not for the application process, one of my former Deans asked me the following question what would you have next year, that you do not have now? This made me realise that one needs to ref lect on his/her own achievements to make such a decision, and not wait to hear that from others. By doing that self-reflection, and updating my CV accordingly, I realised that I already had quite a few achievements - which gave me the confidence to apply for a promotion that year (in 2002) - and I got promoted to Senior Lecturer as a result. What do you wish someone had told you before starting in this industry? I wish someone had told me to study the fundamentals of Learning and Teaching when I started teaching, back in 1991 I only got to do this almost 10 years later, after having taught all these years without really knowing what I was doing, and just repeating what I thought I saw from my former teachers. Completing the FULT (Fundamentals of Learning and Teaching), and then the GCULT (Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching) courses at UNSW broadened my vision and skills in teaching, helping me understand how adults learn, and, as a result, become a better teach er. Where do people have to start to get into this field and what is a standard salary for this role? Completing a PhD is now a must if one wants to enter an academic career. To this, I would also add the FULT (Fundamentals of Learning and Teaching), and the GCULT (Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching), for those who would want to be involved in teaching. Salary rates would probably start at $100,000 for a Lecturer, $120,000 for Senior Lecturer, and $145,000 for an Associate Professor. Name a career highlight Leading the design and development of the first Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) for our Faculty. This online course entitled Re-Enchanting the City has been successfully offered twice on FutureLearn to a global audience, with close to 9000 participants enrolling. Subsequently, we converted this course into an elective at the Built Environment, open to all students at UNSW. This session, I have close to a hundred students enrolled in the course. Whats next for you? Becoming a full professor would be nice, so I should soon start putting my application together, asking myself what would I have next year, that I do not have now? and work on presenting my case for promotion I would also love to have a bit more time to concentrate on a few book projects. How do you unwind after a long day? I sketch, draw, do some sewing, design and make geometric jewellery, watch science fiction movies, bake or repair things. Connect with Oya on Web http// LinkedInhttps// or see her in action on YouTube Make your mark in Education and enquire about one of our courses todayEducation ResourcesTESOL teacher sample resumeTESOL teacher sample cover letterInterested in becoming a?Human Resources OfficerTeam LeaderHuman Resources ManagerEarly Childhood TeacherCommunity WorkerPopular Career Searchescert 3 education melbournebachelor of music distance educationcert 3 education perthmelbourne education degr eeeducation course of melbourneEducation CoursesBachelor of Education (Primary)Enquire Online Enquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate IV in Education SupportEnquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Education (Early Childhood Studies)Enquire Online Enquire Online Jenny SakrJenny found her way with words while interning during uni, since, shes produced articles on it all from hair and beauty to homewares, travel, career advice and study tips. On a weekend youre most likely to find her lining up for a table at the latest cafe or restaurant.Related ArticlesBrowse moreChild CareEducationLive and learn working with childrenWe celebrate upcoming Childrens Week by looking at the education journey, from infancy through to school.Career progressionEducationHow to make casual teaching work for youTeaching is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers around. Those in the profession come from a range of backgrounds and special interests, and theres more than one way to get in.Working i n AustraliaIDP zwischenstaatlich Student Exhibition - life in the land down underLife as an international student in Australia can be daunting. Some of the tricky questions faced by international students will be addressed in Sydney this month at the International Student Exhibition.

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Top 6 Companies Offering Meternity

Top 6 Companies Offering MeternityTop 6 Companies Offering MeternityTop 6 Companies Offering MeternityLooking for a respite from your long stressful hours at work? Or maybe you need to refresh after a particularly grueling deadline. Taking some me time may be the perfect solution. Taking time off from work elend only helps freshen your outlook, it actually increases your productivity and success rate. Yes, thats right letting go and taking a vacation makes you a better employee.Increasingly, companies are realizing that a rested worker is a good worker. Human resources develops benefit packages ranging from extended vacations to memberships at local relaxation spots. Google even built spas on its campus to promote relaxation. But theres a new benefit hitting the market meternity. No, were not talking about the required maternity leave mothers have after pregnancy. meternity gives employees the option to relax and take time off. TWEETWhat is meternity?Coined by Meghann Foye, author o f the popular novel Meternity, meternity leave is the necessary time off everyone deserves. Foye said she was tired of seeing colleagues take several months off because they were pregnant. She believes everyone should have the opportunity to take some mandatory leave.Women and men who choose not to have children never get the same opportunity. Their life has room for work and standard vacation no more, no less.Though Foye may be on to an excellent idea, some think the concept of a meternity leave is disrespectful and doesnt consider the actual reality of maternity leave. Mothers and fathers preparing for long-term caregiving roles say maternity is no bed of roses. Nights are filled with crying, burping, changing diapers, feeding and worrying about their newborn. The free time doesnt leave much room for reflecting or resting.Either way, whether you love the idea or recoil from the implications, meternity leave is making its mark on the modern world. Several national corporations h ave melded the philosophy into its benefit package. Here are six companies who offer some form of me time.Goldman Sachs.Goldman Sachs is known for its lucrative benefits. What many may not realize however, is that it has an extended meternity allowance. While not considered a typical sabbatical, Goldman Sachs Returnship program allows gruppe members to return to work after an extended absence of 24 to 52 weeks. The company instituted the program to help talented professionals restart their careers hence Returnship. The program includes a paid, ten-week training series. Training covers important information about the company, changes since the employee left and cross-departmental training to provide new opportunities. Genentech.Genentech provides employees with paid and unpaid sabbatical leave to help them focus on personal issues, pursue professional development or just unwind and refresh their minds. Genentechs founders believed in affording employees the opportunity to advance th eir careers through academic research. The program was originally designed to allow gruppe members time to research and train. Based in San Francisco, CA, the biotechnology firm is a subsidiary of world-famous Roche medical. Genentech provides up to six-weeks meternity. But theres a catch. Employees must put in six years at the company before they are eligible for this benefit. Meternity leave can be used with vacation time or separately. Genentech also is listed as one of Fortunesbest companies to work for in 2016.Hyland.If frequency is what youre looking for, Ohio-based software company Hyland is the way to go. If relaxing for two to four weeks every year isnt enough, Hyland offers a little me time in between. Employees are provided a four-week sabbatical in plus-rechnen to the standard two-week to one-month vacations. Employees who put in eight years are eligible to take four-weeks meternity every five years. Hyland started offering personal time in 2014. The company reports 210 employees have come back from their meternity leave feeling relaxed and ready to conquer the world.The Boston Consulting Group.Fortunes third best company to work for knows the importance of letting employees go. Go and leave that is. The Boston Consulting Group learned that providing extended sabbaticals in addition to standard leave and vacation provides team members the opportunity to advance their careers, bring new ideas to the company and become better leaders. To help accomplish this, The Boston Consulting Group provides eight weeks paid meternity to those who have been a partner with the firm for five years. Thats correct. While all team members get standard leave, only the top dogs are allotted me time. Though, the 20 days yearly vacation makes up for it.The Container Store.Who knew selling containers could be so stressful? The Container Store recognizes the extra work performed by veteran team members by offering them a chance to take classes, go on an extended vacation or do nothing. The home goods and storage container retailer provides full-time employees who have 10 years of experience with the company a chance to take a two weeks of paid sabbatical. The meternity leave comes in addition to their four-week vacation every year. While the company doesnt report any criteria other than seniority, most companies restrict sabbatical to once every five to ten years.Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI).One would think working for a recreational store would be relaxing enough. REI rolls out the red carpet and provides employees with even more relaxation. The camping goods retailer offers its team members four consecutive weeks. But theres a catch. Employees must put in 15 years with the company to be eligible. Unlike most companies who provide a meternity program, REI lets team members take another four weeks every five years. This me time is provided in addition to the standard four weeks vacation. Thats right. Veteran campers have the luxury of earning two months total leave every five years.Balancing me time with vacation leave.Four to eight weeks leave may seem like heaven to some workers. After tolling the months away working their poor bones bare, meternity is a blessing. Like all blessings, we must take me time in stride. Dont waste your time off on silly vacations, migraine headaches or family outings. This is special time, reserved for refreshing the soul and detoxing your system. Most employees never enjoy an extended time away from work. Use yours responsibly.Instead of squandering your meternity leave on trivial wonderings, first cash out your vacation and other paid leave. These are renewed every year and can help provide you with time off for important activities. For example, save your meternity for a relaxing, extended trip to Europe or take those refresher course for a promotion. Use vacation time for family reunions, graduations and summer playtime. Trust us when you squander me time on other endeavors, youll regret i t when you really need an energizer.Want to see how your resume stacks up? Try out our free critique today

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Five Essentials for Every Job Description

Five Essentials for Every Job DescriptionFive Essentials for Every Job DescriptionFive Essentials for Every Job DescriptionThis article is from The Small Business Hiring GuideAs a recruiter, you want to hire the right part. That meansyou need a crystal-clear picture of the type of employee youre looking for. Your job description has to go beyond just experience and education to include work and character traits that can impact a persons ability to thrive in your organization.Your online job postingwill serve multiple purposes.It forms the foundation of your recruitment ad and can entice the right people to applyIt serves as your first opportunity to make a good impression of your companyIt helps focus your resume screening process, helping you choose only the most qualified candidatesIt lets you develop high-impact interview questions that can help you select the employees you needYour recruitment strategyshould be based on unterstellung five features1. Job duties What will the perso n do?Take the time to spell out the specifics of the open job. departure with the job title it should be descriptive (western regional sales rep industrial products is better than just sales rep), conform to standards for your industry, and mesh with your own companys job hierarchy (terms like junior, associate or senior can differentiate levels of proficiency).Then come up with a summary of the jobs responsibilities as well as a list of the key duties that will be performed. Think this through thoroughly. A hazy or incorrect description will make it harder for you to match a candidate and a job because youre not sure what the job actually entails.2. Work experience What background is required to get the job done?Industry familiarity job knowledge educational background professional certification these may all be crucial to helping you screen candidates you recruit. Clarify ahead of time the specific experience and background a qualified candidate should have. For example, does th e job require experience in your industry, or are the skills transferable from other lines of work?Determine whether the persons education level will have a bearing on how he or she executes the job. Industry or job specific certification may also be vital, as may visa requirements in some industries.Relocation may be another concern will you be willing to pay to recruit someone from another geographic region? Finally, consider your willingness to invest time and resources in training. This can create flexibility in your experience requirements.3. Skills What unique skills must the person possess?Look at the duties the person will perform and assess what skills are required to complete those tasks. A call center representative, for example, will need good phone manners and may also need to be a good listener.A front-line manager may need to be a solid executer with a history of keeping to deadlines, whereas a group head may need proven leadership skills. Your list should include h ard skills (what the person knows) and soft skills (how the person applies that knowledge).4. Style How will the person get the job done?In a small business, the way a person works can be as important as what they do. Theyll need to mesh with your corporate culture and the team you currently have in place. For instance, a person who thrives off the energy of others wont succeed in a company where everyone works solo.5. Temperament What kind of personality succeeds in your organization?Take work style a step further to consider the attitudes and manners (the candidates soft skills) that you want in a job candidate. Develop a list of the character traits you most value it can include things like sense of humor, honesty, compassion and the like. You might not list these in your recruitment ad, but they can help you choose between candidatesas you conductinterviews andscreen candidates.None of the information provided herein constitutes legal advice on behalf of Monster.Hire smarterThe purpose of ajob descriptionis relatively simpleto find the type of person that is most productive in the work environment youve created and who can complement your current workforcebut writing it can be tricky. Could you use some help?Sign up for exclusive https// adviceand well send you the latest recruiting tips, hiring trends, management strategies, and even some awesome deals. With expertise, youll be well on your way to making your next terrific hire.

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5 fascinating books on how to break bad habits

5 fascinating books on how to break badeanstalt habits5 fascinating books on how to break bad habitsPsychological research shows people overestimate themselves in nearly every arena - including modesty. Which raises an interesting question Whats the one thing alfruchtwein everyone will cop to being utterly dismal at?Self-control.From Willpower Rediscovering the Greatest Human StrengthAsk people to name their greatest personal strengths, and theyll often credit themselves with honesty, kindness, humor, creativity, bravery, and other virtues - even modesty. But not self-control. It came in dead last among the virtues being studied by researchers who have surveyed more than one million people around the world. Of the two dozen character strengths listed in the researchers questionnaire, self-control welches the one that people were least likely to recognize in themselves. Conversely, when people were asked about their failings, a lack of self-control was at the top of the list.Ive po sted about breaking bad habits numerous times but somehow we have not all been miraculously cured of procrastination, overeating, and wasting time on the internet. (I gave it my best shot, mom, I swear.)As much as it pains me to say, sometimes a mere blog post just wont cut it. Sometimes we need to go deeper because curated tidbits arent a miracle cure to problems that have plagued yur happiness and productivity for years. Go figure. So we have to break out the big guns And actually read some books. Yes, they still make those. (Some silly people even spend years of their life writing them.)Well, I read them. A lot of them. And you can benefit from my excessive Kindle expenditures. So when it comes to breaking bad habits, which books are worth yur time? Are based on legit evidence? Actually help? And wont bore you to tears?You have come to the right corner of the internet, my friend Lets look at 5 books that will teach you how habits work, why yur brain wont do the right thing, how t o address these issues, and how to defeat the dark forces that are actively working against your best intentions.Okay, time to break things. Lets get to it 1. The Power Of HabitYouve probably heard of this one. And theres a very good reason for that. Its solid, thorough, and written by Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg.He cites a Duke study showing a full 40% of your daily choices arent choices - theyre habits. Youre on autopilot for nearly half the day. So if your habits are bad, youre basically a robot programmed to run around screwing your life up.So you need to understand how bad habits work, how to snap out of the loop, and how to get yourself happily addicted to better habits.The primary secret Duhigg focuses on? Replacement. As you well know, habits are really hard to break. So dont. Keep the habit, but replace the troublesome part at the end where you do something not-so-good. And Duhigg clearly and enjoyably walks you through how to do that.If y ou read one book on habits, this is the one.Check it out here.Alright, learning the ins and outs of bad habits is great but when weve engaged in them long enough - and repeatedly tried and failed to overcome them - an understandable question arises What the hell is wrong with me?Heres an answer thats a lot cheaper than therapy 2. WillpowerHow does willpower work? And why dont we seem to have any?Dont worry youre not broken. Research shows we all spend a quarter of our day resisting desires and fail half the time.But with a deeper understanding of how willpower really works we can make simple changes in our lives that better align our actions with our hopes and dreams. An example?One study shows you can increase willpower with a mirror. Yup, a mirror. When we can see ourselves, we naturally compare who we are with who we should be. And that makes us act in ways more consistent with our values.Top researcher Roy Baumeister and acclaimed science writer John Tierney deliver a book ch ock full of eye-opening research and excellent insights that explains why we do what we do - and how we can do better.Check it out here.But some people will still be skeptical. Theyve lost the battle against willpower for decades and feel their bad habits would make Keith Richards blush.Theyll insist that they can only overcome their self-control issues with secrets culled from ancient tomes and fine tuned by bleeding edge neuroscience. So do you have anything like that to recommend, Mr. Fancy-Pants-Blogger-Man?Actually, I do 3. The Craving MindYou will not have to rely on teeth-gritting willpower. Nor will you have to replace your bad habits as Duhigg recommends. But you will need to learn about your brain and maybe even meditate.Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, explains a method that combines neuroscience research with mindfulness practices to devastate your naughty impulses.But does such a trendy-sounding method really work? In a controlled study, Brewers approach went head to head with the leading technique for helping people quit smoking. His system didnt just win - it was twice as effective in getting people to give up cigarettes.And learning mindfulness doesnt just help you ditch bad habits. It also has other tiny side effects like increasing happiness and making this godforsaken world tolerable.Check it out here.So far weve been hitting the bad habit bug with broad spectrum antibiotics. What about being more targeted toward some of the most common addictions were all dealing with these days?4. Irresistible46% of study subjects said theyd rather suffer a broken bone than a broken phone. 70% of office emails are checked within six seconds of arrival.Our robot overlords have already arrived, were warmly welcomed, and are now safely ensconced in our pockets. And out-and-out quitting this bad habit isnt an option. We need to manage it because our work and personal lives demand we stay connected.But NYU professor Adam Alter leverages the research to show us how to find harmony with our devices and take back control.Check it out here.Now beating technological habits can be particularly difficult because were not merely fighting our impulses. Theres an active enemy in this war. Many companies are deliberately trying to make their services more addictive. How do you overcome an opponent who is working hard to thwart your noble efforts?By reading their playbook, of course 5. HookedNo, this is not a digital Necronomicon that uses the dark arts to ensnare the minds of your children. Its a finely crafted book that answers the question What is it that makes Facebook and Instagram so addictive?Nir Eyal, who teaches courses on applied consumer psychology at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, explains what makes products and apps so sticky. (And Nir is not evil, by the way. In fact, hes one of the nicest people Ive ever met.)By learning what it is that hooks you, you can better understand what you need to do to break free.Check it out here.Alrigh t, weve learned a lot. Lets round it up and find out about a book that can help us decide what we should be doing once weve freed up that time previously spent on bad habitsSum upHere are 5 fascinating books on how to break bad habitsThe Power of Habit How bad habits work and how to replace them so you can get to work.Willpower How to potty train your brain so you stop pooping all over your goals.The Craving Mind No, its not The Craven Mind. Thats my forthcoming autobiography. This one beats bad habits with the Iron Man/Doctor Strange team-up of science and mindfulness.Irresistible The best way to stop checking your phone (that doesnt involve throwing it in a river.)Hooked Know thy enemy. Learn the dark arts being used against you to better resist their Cthulhu magic.Georgetown professor and productivity guru Cal Newport says that clearing the decks of your unproductive habits isnt enough. Stopping the bad doesnt magically make you start doing the good - if you even know what the g ood is.Nature abhors a vacuum (and so do most house cats.) So whats a book that can show you what we should be doing in order to achieve our goals?Yeah, I wrote it. But dont let that talk you out of giving it a read Often when we have more time we just waste it - or spend it in less-than-optimal ways. I went through gobs and gobs of research to dispel the myths about success and get the real answers to what we need to be doing to get where we wanna go in our careers and personal lives.Check it out here.Habits deserve the deep dive we can only get from reading full books. As that study showed, 40% of your choices arent choices theyre habits. So nearly half the time, your habits make your choices for you.And thats why getting rid of bad habits and starting good ones is so critical. As the old saying goesWe all make choices. But in the end, our choices make us.Join over 320,000 readers. Get a free weekly update via emailhere.Thisarticleoriginally appeared atBarking Up the Wrong Tree.

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Customize this Outstanding Operations Coordinator Resume Sample

Customize this Outstanding Operations Coordinator Resume SampleCustomize this Outstanding Operations Coordinator Resume SampleThe key to a successful job hunt is to start out strong with an impressive resume that wows hiring managers enough to ask for an interview. In a competitive industry, hiring managers receive tens and even hundreds of applications, so this critical document needs to grab attention and stand out in order to stay out of the trash can. Use an operations coordinator resume sample, like the one below, to craft your own remarkable resume.This sample helps you make sure you include everything you need in your resume, such as your most important skills and relevant work experiences. Use it as well as the writing tips to ensure each section of your synopsis is effective and engaging. If you need more assistance, use our convenient resume builder.Create Resume Irene Winslow100 Broadway LaneNew Parkland, CA, 91010Cell (555) 987-1234example-emailexample.comProfessional Su mmaryResponsible Operations Coordinator trained to serve the needs of the company while taking into account the busy schedules of the departmental managers and executives. Proven history of coordinating large projects, conflict resolution and project personnel recruiting. Dedicated to giving each department exactly what it needs to successfully complete their projects.Core QualificationsTime ManagementProject ManagementCorporate RecrutingPersonnel Resource AldrehortPersonnel Conflict ResolutionProject SchedulingExperienceOperations Coordinator, November 2009 May 2015McGriff Incorporated New Cityland, CAResponsible for developing project schedules for cross-departmental projects.Assisted in hiring part-time and seasonal employees.Worked closely with executive team to coordinate the physical expansion of the facility.Operations Coordinator, June 1997 January 2005Thomas Tell Incorporated New Cityland, CADeveloped more efficient channels of communication between departments.Assisted in coordinating the quarterly inventory project.Involved in all of the business planning meetings with managers and executives.Education1997 Bachelor of Science, Human ResourcesBridgeport College New Cityland, CACustomize ResumeWhy Is This a Good Operations Coordinator Resume Sample?The operations coordinator resume sample is professional and engaging from beginning to end. Notice how it begins with a professional summary that catches the eye with some of the jobseekers best professional qualities. She draws attention to soft skills such as responsible and dedicated and specific hard skills such as coordinating large projects and conflict resolution. Equally as important, she keeps readers attention by using only three concise sentences to effectively communicate her message. Look at the core qualifications section next. The applicant structures this section with bullet points and short phrases, leaving details for other sections. This allows hiring managers to skim through the se ction quickly while still learning the most important skillsets the candidate possesses. The applicant includes a variety of skills, each one relevant and pertinent to a position as an operations coordinator, to show that she is capable of handling all aspects of such a job. While it may be tempting to list every possible skill in this section, it is best to keep the list under eight bullet points, as exemplified in the sample.The sample resume continues to be easily readable with a work experience section that uses bullet points to draw attention to each job responsibility. The jobseeker details her most recent work first and keeps the section limited to the past 20 years of her career. She uses action verbs to begin each bullet point, which makes her sound like a confident candidate and makes each duty sound more impressive. She also avoids repeating herself and shows a great range of responsibilities to further stand out.The operations coordinator resume sample ends with a succin ct education section. This section does not need to be too long or go into too much detail. The jobseeker gets right to the point by clearly stating the title, year, school, and location of her education.Why You Need a Strong Operations Coordinator ResumeEmployment within this particular field is expected to grow at an average rate of about 5 to 8 percent through 2024. That being said, employers place a lot of importance on the smooth operations of their businesses and want to be sure whoever they hire can handle the daily responsibilities and demands. Hiring managers typically scan a resume for about five to seven seconds before deciding if they should read it thoroughly or move on, according to several studies. That means that every single word in your document counts. Using our guidelines and operations coordinator resume sample, you can construct a resume that makes the most of those few seconds with engaging language and impressive skills and accomplishments.Costly Operations C oordinator Resume Mistakes To AvoidYou probably already know to avoid common resume-writing mistakes such as spelling errors, excessive word repetition, and incorrect contact information. However, there are a few mistakes you should specifically avoid as an operations coordinator.There are many aspects of business operations, and as an operations coordinator, you may face a great variety of responsibilities. Avoid the mistake of trying to encompass every single aspect with a phrase that is too general or vague. Note how the jobseeker in the operations coordinator resume sample refrains from claiming operations management as a skill and instead identifies key areas of operations with skills such as project management, resource allocation, and conflict resolution in her qualifications section.Another temptation you may face as you create your own resume is to exaggerate the skills you possess. Do not claim to have skills that you dont actually have, as chances are the hiring manager w ill ask about these skills during an interview. Simply omit such skills and emphasize the ones you do have.ConclusionResume writing may seem tricky and confusing, but working with an operations coordinator resume sample, like the one shown here, makes the entire process easier than ever. Refer to it for ideas and follow our writing guidelines to create a document that shows off your best professional qualities and accomplishments and increases your chances of landing interviews.